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Deck Entrance Entrance Deck

Deck Entrance

This project was completed in Summer 2021. Before client wanted rebuild Entrance Deck but after demolition we found water damage and we did: Rebuilding frame service waterproofing and applying stucco Sealing and Painting after we start to build the deck Framing Installation Service Wooden Deck Installation Staining Service

Deck Balcony Redwood Deck project

Deck Balcony

This Huge project was Completed in December 2021 in El Sereno area. Owner had small Balcony approx 3*7 ft, I built new one 30*10 ft Redwood Deck Balcony and Install Custom Railing. It took me around 2 months, my coworker was helping me with stucco we love final result. Demolition of old balcony Building a […]

Deck Rebuilding deck services

Deck Rebuilding

Redwood Deck Installation. This project took around 10 days it was include: Demolition top of the deck Improving existing beam installation of new studs Frame improving Selection of the redwood planks Beams and Studs  Waterproofing Installation of the Lights for the Deck Deck Staining

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