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Door installation

We offer high-quality, affordable installation services for installing entrance and interior doors. Our staff of qualified specialists have the appropriate qualifications and extensive practical experience, as well as the necessary equipment and materials. Trust us to deliver problem-free installations, on time and on budget.


Exterior and interior door installation.

You’re interested in opening a wall for a doorway and installing a new door. Don’t go it alone.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, entrust the work to the specialists at HandyMaestro.

We provide installation in accordance to municipal requirements, to fit with the style and structure of the house, safely.


Doors are installed in several stages:

  1. The preparation of a doorway, adjusting geometry if necessary
  2. Installation of the box, with fastening based on the wall material and its thickness
  3. Installation of the door,with adjustment of its vertical and horizontal position
  4. Installation of hardware and accessories
  5. Checking for smooth running mechanisms and any gapes or other problems that could interfere with the proper operation of the door.

Our Services Include:   

Door installation  Door repair
Opening wall for door Door replacement
Door manufacturing Doorway installation
Pet door installation Door painting
Trim and molding Custom doors
Screen door installation & repair
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