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We have extensive experience in the installation and leveling of floors of any complexity and type. We guarantee our work for two full years.




Installation stages include:
1Surface preparation
2Selection and layup
of base sheets
3Floor installation

Floor Gallary :

But laminate offers additional advantages that

customers may not initially recognize, including:


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • High soundproofing abilities
  • Excellent heat insulation
We take care of all styling details floor
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Vinyl floor :


Vinyl flooring is longer-lasting and less expensive than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. It is also visually appealing, softer than stone or wood tiles and very durable. Vinyls is excellent in withstanding a lot of traffic, andis easy to care for.



Vinyl floor installation

Hardwood flooring is: long lasting and ecological, provides natural color without any repeating patterns, increases the value of your home and, doesn’t trap any allergens., Hardwoods can also be sanded
or stained to match you next design.

Hardwood installation

Hardwood floor benefits: long lasting and ecological, natural color without any repeating patterns, increase value of your home, doesn’t trap any allergens, harwood can also be sanded or stained to match you next design, without all floor replacing

Carpet installation

Carpet floor benefits offer a feeling of warmth to your design. It is softer on the feet, absorbs sound and costs less, and is a non-slippery surface that helps to prevent harm from falling. Carpet is easy to clean


HandyMaestro high Level of Service


Customers who ordered flooring services at HandyMaestro will appreciate the speed and quality of the work performed. Our tile specialists are perfectly versed in finishing work. We also work with ceramic and porcelain tiles and use other modern materials and technologies.

At the end of the work, you will receive a perfect floor that can withstand heavy stress and emphasize the sophistication of the design and thorough preparation of the floor surface, which determines its appearance and durability.

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