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Often the improper installation of the bathtub, sink, and toilet or negligent replacement of faucets causes disastrous consequences — from pipes bursting and dripping taps to sewer failure. To be sure all plumbing is carried out correctly and the repair is completed successfully, contact Handy Maestro. We will help you solve all the problems with the installation and commissioning of plumbing fixtures.

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We form cost effective offers and control the implementation process at each stage. Expect a responsible, efficient and high-quality solution in an affordable price segment from Handy Maestro in the installation of a sink, faucet, and other plumbing fixtures. Our service include:


Toilet Repair and Installation

Faucet and Sink Repair and installation

Garbage Disposals Repair




Does your faucet and sink leak? Leaks or ruptures under your sink can cause so much trouble and discomfort. Water that leaks out under your sink can damage the surrounding furniture, floor, walls, and cabinet. By getting a common leak fixed right, you’ll save about 10 percent on your water bills. Give us a call to find the source of your problem, and let us help you.

Shower replacement
Caulking / recaulking

Our qualified plumbers are ready to help you with any garbage disposal repairs and quickly get your machine back in working condition. Just give us a call!

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