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and repair company


The roof provides reliable protection from any weather conditions, whether snow and ice or gusty wind and rain. Timely maintenance and repair will extend the life of the roof and the entire building.




When examining a sloping

roof, you should pay attention to



Searching for
mechanical damage
Detecting corrosion, fungal
and putrefactive lesions
of a wooden rafter
Determining temperature
of structural parts
Timber moisture
Determining the overall
condition of the roofing from
a technical point of view
We take care of all styling
details roofing
Contact the master

Repair reconstruction and repair of roof leaks


We provide extensive services for repairing/reconstructing the roof and stopping leaks. Since this structural element assumes the main burden of weather and climate, any inaccuracy errors can lead to undesirable consequences, including severe damage to the rafters and crates. A timely repair of the roof avoids many problems and costs, guaranteeing an attractive appearance and insuring the structural integrity of the building and an aesthetic interior.



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