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Tile Services

Tiling is one of the most difficult services. Construction work almost paralyzes the life of the owners. Therefore, the work must be done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Contact us today for a free consultation.


We can repair and install tiles in bathrooms, kitchens or other rooms.  As specialists in drywall repair services, we have experience with different kinds of tile and specialize in stone tile installation.



We're based in Eagle Rock and we provide high-quality work at affordable prices.
1 Backsplash Tile Services
Kitchen Backsplash Tile
2 Shower Tile Installation
Shower Renovated
3 Tub Surround Installation
Tub Surround Installation
4 Tile Floor Services
Tile Floor
5 Mosaic Tile Installation
Mosaic Tile Installation
6 Exterior Tile installation
Exterior Tile Installation

After everything is decided


We need to start planning dismantling of the old fixtures. We start by dismantling the plumbing fixtures, including the toilet, bathtub and sink. Then we remove the tile. For the best possible outcomes, it’s important to start fresh. We will remove all the debris to maintain cleanliness. This process takes one to two days.

Then we dismantle existing equipment


Then we dismantle existing equipment, removing tiles and eliminating old water pipes that have become unusable. We lay a new sewage system and new electrics, including additional outlets, install water supply system, prepare surfaces for further work and decoration.

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