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Particularly time-consuming are in rooms with unusual configurations. Most jobs require dismantling old surfaces, aligning walls and utilities and laying the tiles. Not everyone knows that building materials can shrink over time and absorb moisture. However, according to our experts, the appearance of the tile is 80 percent dependent on how smooth the base is. Therefore, only specialists should deal with tile laying to make sure the seams are even
and the geometry neat and outwardly attractive.

HandyMaestro specializes in small household repairs

HandyMaestro specializes in small household repairs. One of those may be laying tiles on the wall even in the smallest volumes, starting from one square meter.

Laying tiles

Laying tiles is delicate and painstaking work that requires meticulous measurements, calculation, and selection of patterns.

The final cost of installing floor And wall tiles is influenced by the following factors.



Material size. The more customized it is, the more expensive it is
Method of laying, whether – diagonally or in a checkerboard layout, with a selection of ornament
The need for cutting
The presence of decorative elements such as decorative borders or moldings
We take care of all styling
details laying tiles
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