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About us

Hello! My name is Dmitrii.



I’m a carpenter, woodworker and fabricator specializing in repairs and home remodels. 


I’ve studied Italian design, implementing my woodworking skills, modern design, and natural colors into Italian furniture, as well as earning two technical degrees from a Russian Colleges  – I still have the accent.


 years before I moved to Los Angeles to continue my passion for building and creating.


I got my start in construction when I was five years old, straightening nails for my father, also a carpenter. Since then, I’ve been working in construction in Los Angeles for over 16 years, completing hundreds of successful jobs for satisfied clients. I started my own company in 2019 to offer you a higher quality service at the best rate possible, by cutting the fluff out of the construction industry.

To me, you’re not just a job, but a real person with taste, who values a more humanized and artistic approach to how we fix and remodel your home. It’s the little touches, like how much we love what we do, and how we fit our engineering skills into your vision, or even how we treat your home like something precious and clean up after ourselves, that make us stand out.

We 12+ years of experience in servicing customers. 


To me, there’s an artistry to the exact requirements of solid construction – fitting wood and concrete snugly together, getting paint exactly where it needs to go in the right proportions, and working alongside you to come up with an artistic vision that I can help come to life. 




The best part is, with our varied skill sets, we’re able to seamlessly blend complex construction jobs into a work of art that will add value to your home.


Want to know what I can do for you?


I would love to get you a free estimate, so please just call us, or fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP with a FREE estimate.

I love the combination of metal and wood, the look and feel of a redwood deck with a metal railing. My passion is being the “how” to your “why.”

You dream it, we do it.


I work with a small team of professionals to get all of your home repair, new construction, and remodel jobs done fast, for way less money than the big companies, and people love our work. I’m a versatile engineer and handyman able to tackle all kinds of jobs, including:


Fence and Gates 

Railing Installation

Carpentry Service 

– Driveway Gates 

– Deck Service

Automatic Gate Installation

– Metal Framed Gates

– Deck Staining and Refinishing 

Painting and Refinishing Services

General Handyman


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