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Metal Framed Composite Gate

Metal Fabricating

We specialize in the design and installation of metal-framed composite gates, utilizing mild steel to streamline the fabrication process. Our powder coating procedure consists of three crucial steps: sandblasting, applying a zinc primer, and the final powder coating. This meticulous process ensures maximum protection and durability for our gates.

Composite material requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a custom-sized gate solution. We offer a variety of composite options and powder coating finishes to suit your preferences and needs.

Our installation process is comprehensive and efficient, typically involving the following steps:

  1. Initial estimate visit
  2. Fabrication of the gate frames
  3. Precise sizing to ensure a perfect fit
  4. Powder coating for a flawless finish
  5. Final installation and composite integration

In addition to our premium gates, we also provide high-quality smart locks that we highly recommend. These smart locks offer convenient access control through your smartphone and feature fingerprint access capabilities for added security and ease of use.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and security with our metal-framed composite gates and smart lock solutions. Contact us today for expert advice and a tailored solution for your property access needs.

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